Bishop Spencer PlaceLocated near the Country Club Plaza, Bishop Spencer Place is a distinguished retirement community with easy access to culture, cuisine, and adventure.
Planning Ahead

Saint Luke's Bishop Spencer Place offers tremendous value, an exceptional lifestyle, and incomparable peace of mind for the future.

10 Key Changes In Your Loved One

A family member or close friend typically first notice a change in a loved one’s behavior, but it can be difficult to determine the significance of each change. Here are 10 key changes to look for:

  1. The inside of the house is unclean and housekeeping skills have declined.
  2. You notice general maintenance of the house has been neglected.
  3. You find many expired foods in the refrigerator and/or the cupboards may be empty.
  4. You notice a dent in the vehicle that they have never mentioned to you.
  5. When reviewing financials or the checkbook, you may notice that things are out of order or not adding up—and you may see stacks of mail or unpaid bills lying around.
  6. You see multiple bottles of medication throughout the house, with the indication that it has become difficult for your loved one to keep them straight.
  7. Your loved one seems agitated and you notice drastic mood swings.
  8. Your loved one seems withdrawn and not his/her usual self.
  9. Your loved one cannot remember recent conversations or events and repeats him/herself often.
  10. Personal hygiene seems poor—you may notice body odor, clothes may appear and smell dirty, and your loved one might be in need of a haircut or shave