Bishop Spencer PlaceLocated near the Country Club Plaza, Bishop Spencer Place is a distinguished retirement community with easy access to culture, cuisine, and adventure.
Planning Ahead

Saint Luke's Bishop Spencer Place offers tremendous value, an exceptional lifestyle, and incomparable peace of mind for the future.

Useful Resources

10 Tips for Evaluating Life Plan Communities:

Offering tremendous value, an exceptional lifestyle and incomparable peace of mind for the future, it’s no wonder life plan communities are often considered the ideal senior living choice. To receive the most benefit, look for a community that offers the services, amenities, lifestyle and residence options that appeal to your personal interests. As you consider independent senior living communities, these 10 tips can help you make the choice that’s right for you or your loved one.

The 10 Key Changes You May Notice In Your Loved One:

It is often a family member or close friend who first notices a change in a loved one’s behavior, but it can be difficult to determine the significance of each change. Watch for these 10 changes.

10 Ways to Deal with Caregiver Stress (by AARP):

When taking care of others, it’s critical you don’t neglect your own physical and mental health. Click here to learn about 10 ways to deal with caregiver stress.

Cost of Living Comparison Worksheet:

The cost of moving to a retirement community might seem daunting, but have you really sat down to consider how much you’re spending on your home? Our handy Cost of Living Comparison worksheet will help you run the numbers and see how affordable a move to a community such as Bishop Spencer Place could be – and might even show you costs you’ll save in the long run!

Cost of Living Comparison Worksheet