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Father’s Day Tribute – John Carter

"The Angel Food Cake and the Dog House"

John Carter's daughter, Carol, shared with us a funny story about her dad (and what put him in the doghouse with Mrs. Carter). For years John & Bettye attended the Kane's St. Patrick’s Day party, and Bettye always brought cookies or a cake. One year John had an "afternoon snack" before leaving for the party. On the drive to the Kane’s he realized the angel food cake was for the party! As they arrived John confessed to Bettye he had eaten a large piece of the cake. She didn’t believe him ... until she opened the cake holder. As Carol said it, "Boy was Dad in the doghouse."

Thank you, Carol, for sharing this funny memory of your dad. Bishop Spencer Place is a better community because of men like John. Happy Father's Day, John!