Bishop Spencer PlaceLocated near the Country Club Plaza, Bishop Spencer Place is a distinguished retirement community with easy access to culture, cuisine, and adventure.

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Love Reunited at Bishop Spencer Place

Phil and Jeanne met at a car dealership each looking for a new vehicle – what they found was 26 years of marriage, raising kids, exploring the world, and sticking by each other’s side in sickness and in health.
A few months after Jeanne retired at 65, she experienced a stroke in St. Louis. Jeanne’s two daughters were grateful to find a home for the couple at Saint Luke’s Bishop Spencer Place here in Kansas City.
Bishop Spencer Place gives Jeanne and Phil the comfort of living in the same community that can provide the skilled care Jeanne needs, the independence Phil still enjoys, and the peace of mind their girls appreciate.
This darling and dedicated couple enjoys meals, entertainment, family, holidays, friends, physical therapy, and so much more together here at Bishop Spencer Place. They enjoy riding the resident bus to the Plaza and love getting lunch and shopping together.
Most of all, they are so happy to continue loving each other and are excited to celebrate their bond this Valentine’s Day. ❤️
We caught up with the beautiful couple and their daughter Christy to capture their love story and oh so glad we did. Jeanne’s advice for young love? “Keep it simple.” We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing your love story with us!

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Noticing Changes in Aging Adults During the Holidays

The holidays are a good time for adult children to look for changes happening to their aging loved ones.

Colleen Hollestelle, our Healthcare Administrator, talked to us about things you can look for in your aging loved ones that can signal when they might need some extra help.

Health News You Can Use

Bert Bates remembers Pearl Harbor

Bert Bates is a beloved resident of Bishop Spencer Place of fifteen years. As we reflect on the tragedy of Pearl Harbor in 1943, Bert shared what he was doing on that fateful day and why it is so important to remember it.
On December 7, 1943, Bert was a senior in high school in Jefferson City, MO and recalls it was a Sunday. He went to Sunday school, church, and then to a movie with some friends.
“I learned about it after the movie. I was very upset, of course. I wasn’t a pearl harbor victim in any sense, but I was very much in shock. It’s a significant day in history because we were attacked without any notice whatsoever and without a declaration of war.”
Bert said the attacks at Pearl Harbor solidified the American public and motivated the country to make sacrifices during the war.
“There was a great feeling of allegiance to the United States.”
In high school Bert was a member of the honor society, high school symphony, undefeated football team and basketball team. He also said he “fell in love with every girl he saw.” A week after graduating, Bert joined the armed forces and served in Europe during World War II. Bert Bates, and all the servicemen – particularly our residents – who served in the Armed Forces, we thank you for your service to our country.
Do you have a memory from Pearl Harbor? Share it below.

Lottery Day at the K

Don Carlton’s daughter, Rachel shared with us one of her favorite memories of her dad when she worked for the Kauffman Foundation. All associates were offered a complimentary ticket to opening day every year. That year, Rachel was the lucky winner of the “bring a guest” lottery. There was no question who she would bring to opening day – her dad! He fit right and held his own with all her colleagues. “I can’t recall if the Royals won or lost the game, but I do remember my dad and I having a great time, as evidenced by the smiles on both our faces.”


Thank you Rachel for sharing your special memory of your father! Bishop Spencer Place wouldn’t be the same without men like Don Carlton.