Bishop Spencer PlaceLocated near the Country Club Plaza, Bishop Spencer Place is a distinguished retirement community with easy access to culture, cuisine, and adventure.
Pursue Your Passions

Opportunity. Independence. Friendships. Health and wellness. Choices. All this and more is yours at Saint Luke's Bishop Spencer Place of Kansas City.

Resident Governance

Resident input and involvement is highly prized at Bishop Spencer Place. Our staff meets regularly with members of the Resident Council to gain their suggestions and input regarding dining options, programs, community enhancements and more. One resident serves as a voting member of the board, and numerous residents serve on the various board committees.

2017 Resident Council Committee Members

  • Resident_Use_Weary_Barbara

    Barbara Weary

  • Member

    Mary Abbott

  • Resident_Use_Achelpohl_Clark

    Clark Achelpohl

  • Resident_Use_Brennan_Joe

    Joe Brennan

  • Resident_Use_Christensen_Clara

    Clara Christensen

  • Resident_Use_LeFevre_Bess

    Bess LeFevre

  • Resident_Use_McCool_Barbara

    Barbara McCool

  • Resident_Use_Moore_Mary

    Mary Moore

  • Resident_Use_Steinbach_Robert

    Robert Steinbach

  • Resident_Use_Wheeler_Jerry

    Jerry Wheeler